When you start investigating your choices, you'll find many worthy congregations to consider. Why then, you may ask yourself, should you choose the Poor Servants of the Mother of God?

We are Eucharistic people. The Eucharist is the center of our life, giving our lives depth and value. We emphasize showing respect for the dignity of each person because we believe that God is present within each of us. To that end, we serve in ministries such as nursing, teaching, and in social work:
bulletWe work in the community - with lay people of all walks of life and faith, demonstrating our values and ethos of deep spirituality.
bullet We are privileged to work with a growing population of aging adults who should be valued, respected, and loved as the children of God that they are.
bulletWe provide a much needed service, daily demonstrating the love, compassion, and hospitality of Jesus Christ in everything we do.

But as Poor Servants of the Mother of God, visiting the Tabernacle is our chief earthly joy, helping us to be a peace-filled, joyous family. Won't you join us? You are needed and wanted here.