Ignatian Spirituality

Ignatian Spirituality - "Finding God in all things."
Mother Magdalen Taylor was before her time in understanding the mystery of the Humanity of Jesus. Her personal relationship and love of Jesus being the center of her life drove her 'servant's heart' mentality, an approach that is still carried today in her congregation. Actually, it was the meditation from the Exercises of St. Ignatius that gave her the title for her congregation. As we follow the Exercises, we enter more and more into a realization of God's personal love for us and can accept ourselves as truly what we are - beloved daughters and sons of God in whom the spark of the Divine lives. Ignatius believed that God is not removed from human experience but is present in the very fabric of our everyday lives...in the experience of joy and sorrow, anxiety and pain, friendship and love, poverty and riches, sickness and health.

st ignatiousThe Basic Principles of Ignatian Spirituality
God, who is Love, creates, sustains and redeems us in Christ, all and each one, in order to share with us the fullness of Life, so that we may glorify God.

All the rest of creation God gives us to help us attain our goal. So, in all our relationships and our use of every creature, we must not lose sight of that goal.

Therefore we must develop an attitude before every creature and situation of equilibrium and poise. We should have this attitude about health or sickness, wealth or poverty, honour or shame, a long life or a short life, and all other similar alter- natives.

Our one desire and our every choice should lead us more to the goal of our creation.